Stonhaus: A History

Convent de Sant Francesc | David Closes |  Photo   Credit: Jordi Surroca

Convent de Sant Francesc | David Closes | Photo Credit: Jordi Surroca

Stonhouse. Or as it came to be stonehouse, then stonehouse-ark, followed by stonhaus.ark, stonhaus and now stonhaus | bespoke.

Half my life ago I smashed a couple words together and have found them a constant companion from that time forward. Stonhaus has always been a place to put well-crafted and -purposed intentions, ideas and things, especially those pretty things that didn’t have a home anywhere else.

In my junior year of college I had to brand myself. This was a graphic design course exercise intended to make us take something we knew almost too well and revisit it with fresh eyes. We spent time asking ourselves who we were and what we wanted, exploring our passions and our work. Finally we each came forward with a branding.

My work was of two minds during this project. One was the thought that I was already a brand and I needed only to find a graphic language to convey that brand. The other was interested in a reboot and finding a nom de guerre. For the final product I produced a personal logo and letterhead all based on my self and the brand I already inhabited.


RSD Logo

RSD Logo

In addition, I produced a second set of work, what in retrospect has become more interesting. I took on the name Stonehouse. It called to mind simplicity, craft and maybe even a hint of the faerie.

My furniture felt more fully realized as work by stonehouse. I proceeded, for years now, to design under this name; never in large ways, but always in intentional ones. I have dragged the name along, refining the form language, trying to find the stonhaus itself.

As for ‘bespoke’…

In the midst of conversation with a coworker, she used the word bespoke. It was not the first time I had heard the word, nor the first time I had ruminated on it. However, this time it really stuck, very much the way stonehouse (now stonhaus) had struck those many years ago.

Here, now, I have a place that is the stonhaus I have been building slowly these almost twenty years. It is the bespoke work of our hands and minds and marriage. It is a place to call to mind simplicity, craft and maybe even a hint of the faerie.