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Sean : husband. father. born to kite and candle makers. architect. designer. builder. sculpture, jewelry, furniture, paint, pottery. consultant to the occasional daughter school project and zine. music. beer/brewer. bees. bicycle/wrencher. pie maker.

L : wife. mother. curiosity. the off-spring of a farmer's daughter and a cowboy. reader. writer. feminist. knee socks. fairytale. buttons. charcoal grey. critique. zine assailant. sleep. lucid dreaming. chai not coffee. pie.

Natalya Lawren : the daughter. creative writer. poet. notebook-toting. blue bike rider. music. geek. mythologies. parental experiment. of the wolves & of the mermaids. vespa. lincoln continental with suicide doors. bilingual. book nerd. semantic.

Sean, L, & Natalya Lawren

Sean, L, & Natalya Lawren


to create more than beautiful things or objects that would function as vessels in which to inhabit a life. We are already vessels, each of us created with a different form and purpose. Might I apply the same methods and aesthetics to my life, rather than just the art and the result? We are weary of trying to inhabit the nostalgic and the utopic conformity offered to us like a brochure of six models of home. We are failing to grow into the hand-me-downs properly, and the procedural fails to deliver on its promises. We desire not only to raise our daughter, but our selves,* in the ways that we should go. 

The bespoke is measured, intentional, suitable, discerning, experimental… yeah, we are still trying to figure out just what all this means, what it looks like, tastes like. This site will comprise of a number of conversations on the matter, but we are especially keen to include Interviews with others** pursuing similar lines.

In examining the idea of a ”bespoke life,”*** naturally, those we interview are going to describe their own pursuit.  We are disinterested in wearing their life, but rather seek a familiarity in discourse: a reassurance of not being alone in our desire, our determination…our need to afford groceries.

Maybe you will be inspired, refreshed, daunted, depressed, enchanted, hungry, despairing, reinvigorated…we hear you. What were those stages of grief again? Strange how we feel grief in the descent into an uncreated, uncreative life. Who else writes for their mental health, raise your hand—and a glass.

The end may be personal, but the search is crowded. We’re competing, but we’re also commuting and communing with one another. Join us at the table.


* we do not intend to suggest that we were neglected by our parents in our youth, or even now; just that we are merely more than 18 years beyond 18.

** artist-driven persons in particular, primarily those not as privileged to succeed in the dominant culture’s sense of the word; a few exceptions will be made.

*** we are not gurus. this is not another name for an age-old movement. we found a word that feels appropriately descriptive is all; a point of entry in which to focus conversations long held between us.